Check Quality of Your Hotel

Make Inspection in Your Hotel

Many of hotels are just running with minimal profit and many of them loose many or loose their business.

There are many influences that affect hotel business.

1- None professional Managing,

2- None Professional People in charge,

3- None or not enough Public Relations,

4- Bad quality of cleaning,

5- Low Quality of Service,

6- Low Quality of Food (All Inclusive concept hotels)

7- Not Enough Information or Wrong Information About Hotel,

8- Over Booking,

9- Not Fast Solution Finding,

10- None or Not Enough Advertising.

All these negative influences put hotels on bad level on hospitality business. It means; low point and negative reviews. Just to have bad points by guests means; every year become low demand to hotels and it means; lowest room rates will be year by year.

At the final; the hotels has to setup lowest price list and become an slaver of international tour companies.

What is Solution?

MoreMor International offers to hoteliers to detect and inspect quality of on all aspect.

Than offers solutions and help to get highest quality of all service. It means; getting more demand and sell. At final hoteliers will have more profit than before.

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