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Hotel Channel Manager – HUB

Travel software has been developed effectively with new gates in recent years. There are uncountable Travel Agencies as well as Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and more than 100 hotel room suppliers.

It is really hard to be live with of them according to market rates. Hoteliers already sick and tired for to connect with not more than % 10 of them.

But there are a new, easy and affordable solution to keep connection all time.

Hoteliers may control their room on back-office section and may receive own reservation or booking online as well as for door costumers.


The new software has Room Search Form/widget. You may integrated to your hotel’s website easily. Don’t worry, if don’t have effective website. MoreMor help you about this also.

After upload FREE software you can control or your hotel rooms.

Important thing is; you may have connection all well known Online Travel Portal (OTA) with this software. And would like to repeat again; IT IS FREE!

One system software has connection more than 100 OTAs and hotel suppliers, and other has connection to more than 350 OTAs and hotel suppliers worldwide well known companies travel portal. It depends on your choose.

After that, you will save time and you may control all your agreement that you signed such as, Expedia, Booking, ETS, Ostrovok and others on one page. You can manage your room price according to website and country.

Don’t miss this future of travel opportunity. Please write to us and get more information.


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