Promoting and PR Services

Promoting and Public Relations Services

MoreMor International has long years experienced Journalism, Public Relations, Promoting, Visual Media, Digital Media, Publishing and Printing fields worldwide. We published many printed material, brochures, magazines and websites in many countries.

In recent years MoreMor started to Travel Business and publishing many travel websites for different countries.

MoreMore offers to hoteliers to setup and organize more effective Public Relations system. Also we offer promoting your service and hotel on low cost.


MoreMor also service to publishing, trading, travelling and accommodation companies about grow their business and satisfying their costumers.

Let us check your service to show you what your company needs, which department or service of your company needs improve their service and you get more profit long years.


MoreMor service to partners to pay less taxes and less paperwork. We offer register a company where tax heaven with small fee. And our partners will manage their profits without visit foreign country where their company registered.

If you interested in pleas contact us:

[email protected]